The EDTRIN Foundation

In this era of unprecedented change, with technological, cultural and social upheavals impacting upon us with regularity and increasing ferocity, the way we live, work and learn is changing radically. The mission of the EDTRIN FOUNDATION is to help shape the future of all world citizens by playing a leading role in unlocking the human potential of those who need it most.

While EDTRIN FOUNDATION shares much of the EDTRIN global mission to provide lifelong learning, non-formal and formal education, we act as its strongest advocates for those least privileged and most needy. This is because we recognise the opportunity for education and learning is a fundamental human right. We understand there is genuine empowerment through acquisition of information, knowledge and skills and we know this to be the most powerful tool for eradicating poverty, marginalisation and extremism.

The FOUNDATION is the brainchild of EDTRIN’s socially aware educational leaders.

What we do

We offer advisory services in the formulation of enabling policies for effective use of lifelong learning, non-formal and formal education.

Capacity development, at all levels, for effective implementation of projects by government, civil society and private sector.

Formulation and implementation of projects aimed at empowering people through access to relevant information, knowledge and skills.

Research facilitation in the development of tools, techniques, methodology and monitoring mechanism for cost-effective and sustainable implementation of educational projects.

Development of networks of individual experts and specialised agencies at all levels to facilitate knowledge sharing for effective implementation of projects at the grassroots level.

Education Post

EDTRIN is developing an integrated, standalone technology we call Education Post to deliver education to remote communities. This low-cost solution consists of solar-powered satellite downlink coupled with Wi-Fi and GSM-enabled set-top box to deliver education and training content via internet and video. Education Post will bring significant economic and social benefits to remote and underserved communities worldwide.

Areas of Intervention

The FOUNDATION is the brainchild of EDTRIN’s socially aware educational leaders. To find out more, volunteer to help, or to offer ideas to the EDTRIN FOUNDATION, please click here.