“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” -Mahatma Gandhi

EDTRIN understands the individuality and uniqueness of you and this is why we are progressing the educational process to suit you. An example of this approach is our adaptive learning technology project. This is a system that can assist you in identifying your areas of greatest ability and strength and where you might need further skilling, effectively guiding your personal knowledge advancement, whatever your age. Educators, corporates and governments who may wish to benefit from this project are welcome to contact us.

Choose the right course for you

Whether you’re interested in adult education courses, career development or job training, or are simply a proponent of lifelong learning, we offer education programs to suit your needs. From university to professional and embedded business education, our range of blended and online accredited and non-accredited courses is growing by the day.

Edtrin Courses

Workplace Relations

Workplace Health and Safety

Emergency Procedures

Financial Services

Competition and Consumer Law


Local Government - Queensland

Local Government - South Australia

Local Government - Victoria


Hazard Guides

Infection Control

First Aid

Invasive Procedures

Mandatory Reporting


Medication Management