Halal Courseware

EDTRIN has entered an agreement with the Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to partner in the delivery of education and training related to the $3.7 Trillion Global Halal industry.

Over the next 12 months EDTRIN and HDC will cooperate in the development and delivery of a full curriculum of Halal related courseware which will range from small introductory units to a Certificate in Halal Studies.

Subjects to be delivered will include:

The Training and Education content to be delivered electronically via PC’s, Tablets and Smartphones. The courseware will be delivered in all major languages including English, Chinese, Bahasa, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Bangla, Japanese and Arabic.

The first course, An Introductory Awareness Course in Halal will be available in English and Bahasa in December 2015.

For further information please contact:

Graeme Coomber
+44 7971 00 650

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