People deserve to learn. And then to earn. There is no point in learning irrelevance.

What we do

We are new world educators. With our unprecedented access to government and enterprise-level information across the full scope of industry, EDTRIN uses data-driven insights to help form and deliver individual education and career needs to cater to fluid, evolving, culturally diverse and emerging skill requirements of the people and emergent industries of the 21st century.

We help train individuals for real industry needs: the reality, not just the theory.

Collected data and insights, new or evolved courses, individuals with highly valuable know-how, new economic and social growth

New methods of knowledge transfer

EDTRIN leads the charge on new and effective learning methodologies such as immersive and visual learning through animated demonstrations and game-based environments. We provide personalised, ongoing career management. We understand motivations for many people are not only monetary but purpose driven, and related to their level of personal, positive social impact. We know the workspace is an environment equally as important as the work in which it is done. We deliver educational content granulated right down to individual student needs and wants, strengths and weaknesses. From these points of advantage, we can up-skill, re-skill, or provide new skills to anyone according to personal, commercial and social needs.

Our Purpose

We will develop a world of new potential by evolving:

EDTRIN is a quantum leap over 200 years of institutional mechanistic learning that is still unnecessarily focussed and trapped in the leather bound, stuffy confines of industrial age, manufactured education…while retaining and expanding the classroom globally.

The EDTRIN idea is simple in its expression and multidimensional in its execution. EDTRIN offers a newer, more emotionally intelligent, democratically delivered, genuinely innovative educational style, and this is our trademark and underlying philosophical basis. We throw out the book on education, its delivery and its consumption by people, wiping the rote learning, factory floor approach off the blackboard for good.

EDTRIN is closing this gap through passionate innovation—by rethinking, refining, evolving and effectively delivering education and training to the world’s people through a combination of physical and multi-nodal digital infrastructure enabled through an aligned personal, business and government network.

The EDTRIN world of new potential is a revealing and poignant juxtaposition when set against traditional or even wholly digital education models at all levels.